DocketWave is highly experienced in the area of providing document scanning, indexing and conversion services for backlog documents.
The company has a separate division (comprising specialist scanning and indexing manpower resources and supervisors) focussing on this part of the business.

The Customer will normally provide with a workspace for our resources and links to its document management storage system where the documents can be committed after they are scanned, indexed and quality checked.
As DocketWave specializes in different ECM solutions, converting backlog documents for entry into any other Document or Content Management system as per the Customer’s choice.
Backlog conversion is not an easy task and it involves careful planning (of document type, document class, document properties, index fields etc.).
Before we can begin to define the details of the individual steps in the backlog conversion process, we need to obtain a variety of basic information, such as

  • volumes of paper to be converted,
  • paper sizes,
  • percentage of pages double sided,
  • condition of paper,
  • time to complete the project,
  • indexing requirements, etc.

    Document preparation (cleaning up, destapling, taking out of files, photocopying if necessary, reducing in size, separating in batches etc.) is another specialized task before actual scanning and indexing work can begin. DocketWave’s backlog conversion resources are specifically trained to handle such work.